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Matthew Lowes is a writer, a game designer, and a martial arts instructor. Visit to learn more about his work.

No Class on January 20th

Just as a reminder, Best Martial Arts Institute is closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There is will be no Systema class this week, Monday, January 20th. Our normal weekly class will resume next week. As usual, in the off-week I encourage you to continue your own training with daily consistency. The regularity of daily training — daily massage work, movement work, breath work, et cetera — is what really makes for transformative change. Only you can make it happen. I look forward to seeing you next week for our weekly in-class training session.

Have a great holiday, and a wonderful week! :)

Winter Break

There will be no Monday night class for the next two weeks (Dec 16 & Dec 23) while I am away for travel. Our regular class will resume on Dec 30 for the last class of the new year. As always, during the break I encourage you to take this time to make training a part of your daily routine. Any practice comes to fruition through consistent work, and only you can make that happen. Hope you have a great holiday season. I look forward to seeing you at class on the 30th and in the new year.

No Class on Monday

Best Martial Arts Institute is closed on Monday, November 11th for Veterans Day. Accordingly, there will be no Systema class this week.

I hope you are having a good Veterans Day weekend. Our regular Monday evening class will resume on Monday, November 18th. Hope to see you then.

In the meantime, there’s no reason to stop training. Real progress is made when training every day. There is always time to work on breathing, alignment, relaxation, and movement. Keep at it, and I’ll see you soon! :)

No Class on Monday

Best Martial Art Institute will be closed on Monday for Labor Day, so there will be no Monday night Systema class this week. Our regular schedule of training will continue next week. In the meantime, as usual, I encourage you to continue training on your own. Ultimately, our ability to make training a part of our everyday habits can have a profound impact on the course of our practice. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

No Class August 12th

I’ve had a busy travel schedule this summer and one more time, our regular class will be cancelled this Monday, August 12th. I will be back again next week and our normal weekly schedule will resume. This is my last trip for the summer so weekly class should meet regularly for the foreseeable future. As alway, I encourage you all to continue practicing on your own between classes. If you have questions, write them down and bring them in to our weekly training. Hope to see you all at class when I return.

No Class this Monday

Due to my travel schedule this summer there will be no Systema class this Monday, July 28th. Regular class will be held again on Monday, August 5th. I encourage everyone to continue training on their own every day. Even if you’ve only been to one class there is already more than enough for you to continue your practice.

Hope to see you all for more training when I return!

Two Weeks Off

Due to my summer travel schedule, we will not have our regular Monday night Systema class for the next two weeks. Please make a note of it. We’ve had a few new students recently who may not have subscribed to the website yet, so let them know if you see them.

My apologies to anyone who doesn’t get the news and shows up Monday night. I look forward to training with you all when I get back. I hope you continue training on your own during the break. There are endless ways to work on your fundamentals, and ideally that work should be happening every day anyway.

See you in two weeks! :)