Movement Lv1 / Series Introduction

Here’s the introduction to the series of training guides that I’m putting out. The complete first lesson is available now and could easily cover a week of very fundamental Systema training. Although the early lessons may seem simple, they are very deep, if you apply yourself to consistent daily practice. I hope you’ll follow along with me as I cover a lot of the work I do in my own solo training, including relaxation and ground movement, core exercises, transitions, walking/jogging, free movement, and recovery. By then end, I’ll be tying all these topics together into a concentrated and comprehensive training session you can use in your solo practice.

If you have questions or want advice on how to take a particular drill or exercise deeper or to the next level, please contact me. I’m here as a teacher and happy to help guide you in any way I can. Since this course has good training even for people not interested in Systema or martial arts, please pass it on to anybody who you think may be interested in this work.


preview | introduction | 1 ground checks | 2 turnovers | 3 crawling | 4 push-ups | 5 rolls | 6 sit-ups | 7 transitions | 8 squats | 9 jogging | 10 free move | 11 walking | 12 recovery | comprehensive practice


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