Movement Lv1 / Lesson 3

Lesson 3, on Crawling, is now is now available on my website. This free course is a progression of fundamental work for Systema. This crawling lesson is a big one! There is so much here, and this Level 1 lesson is just touching the surface. Konstantin once told us he had his group in Russia doing six months of nothing but crawling work to lay the foundation for everything else. And really, you could nothing but this and still understand the great depth of Systema.

For those of you who have done some basic crawling work with me, you can be working on the following:

  • Leading with the breath.
  • Investigating lower and lower tone and amplitudes.
  • Sustaining overall continuity of movement.

And for further direction, pay particular attention to the video on Going Deeper. Here it is:


preview | introduction | 1 ground checks | 2 turnovers | 3 crawling | 4 push-ups | 5 rolls | 6 sit-ups | 7 transitions | 8 squats | 9 jogging | 10 free move | 11 walking | 12 recovery | comprehensive practice


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