Final Lessons in the Movement 1 Course

It’s been a great summer/quarantine project putting together this free movement course for anybody anywhere who is interested and willing to do the work. The final lesson are now available, in case you haven’t been keep up. Here are links to the complete course syllabus.

preview | introduction | 1 ground checks | 2 turnovers | 3 crawling | 4 push-ups | 5 rolls | 6 sit-ups | 7 transitions | 8 squats | 9 jogging | 10 free move | 11 walking | 12 recovery | comprehensive practice

In all there are 15 blog posts, 13 Lessons, 41 videos, and written instruction throughout. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m really happy this is now available to everyone. It’s like class I taught that just keep on teaching on its own. How wonderful!

I wish you all well and hope you are continuing to train however you are inspired to. Only by travelling on this path do we find out where it leads.



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