Lesson 6: Sit-ups

Lesson 6 is out on my website, covering the topic of sit-ups. The approach is not from an exercise perspective but from a movement perspective, a relaxation under pressure perspective, and a calming the mind perspective. The exercise part is just a bonus. :)

I hope some of you have been following along and training with these lessons. The content really covers the fundamental work. It’s not glamorous or exciting like practicing the martial arts aspect can seem, but that’s the point. The way I am showing to train in this video course is really how we should be approaching our martial arts training, in Systema anyway. The profound work and ultimately the really effective work come through deep introspection, through looking at yourself, your own doubts and fears, your limitation, your fantasies and arrogance — all these things — and learning to let go of them. The real process of training is the process of understanding yourself. This has been clear from all my teachers and verified through my own experience.

But you gotta do the work. :) Keep training everybody, in whatever way you are or can. Skill and insight comes to those who persevere in practice.

Here’s a link to the new lesson: https://matthewlowes.com/2020/07/22/mind-body-practice-movement-1-sit-ups/

Here’s the intro talk:


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