New Lesson on Walking

We are working toward the end of this series of lessons, and I am struck by how much is really there to explore in each one. Honestly, just this work on walking could be a lifetime of practice. I remember Konstantin saying about a particular practice that the whole of Systema could be found in that. Similarly, I recently had a conversation about a famous Karate master who only knew one kata. It was a very “basic” one, and yet it was all he needed. Really, all practices are like that. If you go deep enough into any one of them, you will discover everything in yourself.

Here’s the intro talk for the Walking … but I encourage you to go watch and read through the whole lesson. Each instructional video is about 10-15 minutes with three drills for practice. And each lesson has a video talk about how to take this practice deeper. I hope you all are healthy, well, and training with sincerity and pure intention.



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