Movement Lv1 / Lessons 1 & 2

Hello Systema students and friends!

My project to deliver fundamental Systema training that is idea for solo practice continues. Lessons 1 and 2 are now available on my website, each easily covering a week of focused training.

I know I’ve said this many times, but we often are so excited about training with others and getting to punch and throw and wrestle that we neglect to do the core fundamental work that leads to real progress and transformation. Now is a great opportunity! Too often we are distracted by fighting with others. Now that it’s not an option, we are forced to fight with ourselves.

I can’t speak highly enough of this work. At the beginning it will seem all too simple. You will get bored or anxious or impatient. See … already you’re fighting with yourself. Make room within yourself for everything. Engage in the practice as a process. You don’t know where it’s going yet. You have to trust the process. Give it your attention, your curiosity, and your sincere desire to discover something beyond what you think you know about yourself and the world.

Here’s the intro talk to Lesson 2. The complete lesson includes step-by-step instruction, notes, a talk on going deeper into the practice, training routines and objectives.


preview | introduction | 1 ground checks | 2 turnovers | 3 crawling | 4 push-ups | 5 rolls | 6 sit-ups | 7 transitions | 8 squats | 9 jogging | 10 free move | 11 walking | 12 recovery | comprehensive practice


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