Eugene Systema offers group classes, seminars, and tailored private training for self defense, health and fitness.

Systema develops ability through an exploration of breathing, relaxation, body position and movement. Self defense, tension management, sensitivity and awareness, overall mobility and spontaneity are all potential benefits of this training. Systema is designed to enhance your health and survival in everyday life and in any dangerous or stressful situations that may arise.

Through training, you will find yourself thinking and moving more freely, letting go of unnecessary fears, approaching your work more effectively, and gaining confidence in all areas of your life.


Matt Lowes is a certified Systema Instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev. He has over 25 years of experience in martial arts and has been training in Systema since 2005. Lowes also regularly trains in Aikido and has a blackbelt in that art. He is a licensed school teacher in the state of Oregon, an education professional with extensive experience working with students from diverse ages and backgrounds.

Matt Lowes with Vladimir Vasiliev in 2008