Systema Living – Seminar with Konstantin Komarov

Konstantin Kamarov will be in Seattle again this year for a seminar focused on health, recovery, and restoration. The dates are set for August 31st – September 1st.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to train with a master instructor in Systema and one of the most articulate and knowledgeable on the subject of physical and psychological fitness for overall health and peak performance.

Major Konstantin Komarov is a highly skilled retired Russian Special Forces officer, his extensive experience was gained through having served with both GRU and elite MVD Spetsnaz units, as a decorated war veteran. He holds a PhD in Combat Psychology, and continues to provide training and consulting services to various Russian military and Spetsnaz units.

Because of his unique combination of skills and experience, Konstantin became highly sought after authority in the areas of firearms movement and point shooting skills, developing internal state for physical and psychological composure, development of sensitivity and intuition, and survival field craft. Konstantin is a Master Instructor in Systema and regularly teaches classes in Mikhail Ryabko’s school in Moscow as well as other locations.

Visit for more information and online registration. This is going to be an amazing event! I cannot speak highly enough of my training experiences under Konstantin Kamorov.


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