Coquille Workshop May 25th

I will be teaching a Systema workshop at Coquille Martial Arts on May 25th. We will be focusing on developing relaxation and natural movement as well as aspects and applications of strikes. Systema’s unique training methods will lead you through deep trans formative work for the body and psyche, and quickly build effective spontaneous strikes for healing and self defense.

Please join us for this Systema training opportunity. The seminar will be suitable for newcomers and all level of martial artists.

Coquille Martial Arts is at 74 East First St in Coquille, Oregon. The cost of the seminar is only $25. Training begins at 1:00pm. Comfortable pants and a t-shirt are suitable training attire.

Please contact me or Coquille Martial Arts with any questions you have. Hope to see you in Coquille!


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