Fall Workshop: Ending Internal Conflict

I will be teaching a 4 hour workshop (1-5pm) on Sunday, September 16th on Ending Internal Conflict at Best Martial Arts Institute in Eugene. We’ll be practicing self inquiry in motion through a variety of drills and exercises. The workshop will be an active exploration of internal states and their relationship to breath, movement, martial arts, and everyday action.

The Workshop is open to practitioners of all martial arts and non-martial artists alike. No prior experience is necessary. The contents are intended to help anybody understand themselves better, see more clearly, resolve conflicts, and experience the unification of mind and body. This work is for anyone who wants to develop effortless, spontaneous applications and pursue insights into the spiritual aspects of training, whatever their art or focus may be.

See the flier here with detailed information, and please share it with anybody who might be interested.

The aim of this workshop will again be to go deeper into the work understanding internal awareness and control. There will be some martial arts components, but all the work will be very soft, with a focus on movement. The primary work will be internal, combining aspects of meditation, movement, massage, and breathing. As I see it, the fundamental work of Systema is to understand oneself by quieting and clarifying the mind and body. This work is not only the basis upon which any martial applications can be built, but is also the basis upon which one can approach martial arts as a spiritual practice. As a background to our training endeavors, you can again read my thoughts on the subject here: Martial Arts as Spiritual Practice.

And let’s consider the following words by Aikido founder, Morihei Ueshiba:

“If all you think about is winning, you will in fact lose everything. Know that you and your opponents are treading the same path. Envelop adversaries with love, entrust yourself to the natural flow of things, unify ki, body and mind, and efface the boundary between self and other. This opens unlimited possibilities …

“Those who are enlightened to these principles are always victorious. Winning without contending is true victory, a victory over oneself, a victory swift and sure. Victory is to harmonize self and other, to link yourself to the Divine, to yoke yourself to Divine Love, to become the universe itself.”

Let’s train for victory over oneself and to become the universe itself. It’s not as crazy or as far off as it may sound.


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