Video Course: Konstantin Komarov 2013 Health Workshop

konstantin-komarovMovement Daily with Kaizen Taki has released a Systema Health and Healing Video Course. The complete course includes in depth lessons from a 2013 three day workshop with Konstantin Komarov. The content is wholly devoted to the health and healing that represents the fundamental core work of systema.

I was at this seminar and was blow away by the breadth and depth of what Konstantin taught. I can’t recommend this highly enough. The body weight massage instructions are worth the price of admission alone, and there is so much more.

Major Konstantin Komarov, Ret, has a PhD in Combat Psychology, and is a commander, trainer, and educator to military professionals, a highly experienced bodyguard, a mentor to troubled youth, and a trainer to numerous Systema practitioners around the world. He deftly combines detailed explanations with hands on work in a meticulously planned teaching progression.

Since this course focuses on entirely on health and healing, and not on martial arts aspect of Systema, anybody could benefit from this course!


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