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I hope you are all finding time to continue your training, regardless of circumstances. The challenge has been there all along to discover a practice that is self guided, self informed, and self directed — to take the principles of what you have learned in class and go as far as you can with them. Many times I heard my instructors say that you have everything you need, that Systema does not come from the outside and cannot be given to you. It comes from within. It is a process of self discovery.

Nevertheless, we can all benefit from teachers once in a while. I’m here if you have questions or need direction, and I just got a decent camera so I can start posting some video training guides in the near future. But there’s no need to wait for that. You have an extraordinary opportunity right now to learn directly from Vladimir Vasiliev and other top instructors who are teaching online classes. Now is also a great opportunity to book private online sessions with my teacher, Kaizen Taki of Movement Daily, for personal work on health, healing, stress-management, nutrition, and movement.

The next class with Vladimir on Breath for Internal Control is tomorrow at 1pm Eastern Time, 10am Pacific time. If you’re a student of mine I even have a discount code I can give you. Just send me a message. If you miss this one, there will be more.

Emmanuel Manolakakis of Fight Club is also teaching some online classes. He was with Vlad very early on. He’s a wonderful teacher, a great guy, and an incredible martial artist.

Martin Wheeler of Martin Wheeler Systema has also been teaching some online classes. Another incredible instructor and martial artist.

Stay healthy and keep practicing! :)


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