Winter Workshop: Exploring Mind Body Awareness

On Sunday, January 28th, We’ll be having a winter workshop titled Transparent Mind / Transparent Body: Exploring Mind Body Awareness. Click here for more information and to download a flier. Please spread the news to anybody who may be interested in attending.

This workshop will be an active exploration of mind body awareness. It is open to practitioners of all martial arts and non-martial artists alike. Although aspects of martial arts will be employed, it is not the main focus, and no prior experience is necessary. The contents are intended to help anybody understand themselves better, learn how to see clearly, free themselves of fear and anxiety, process pain and stress, and pursue insights into the spiritual aspects of training, whatever their art or focus may be.

Best Martial Arts Institute
795 Almaden Street
Eugene, OR 97402

$50 At the Door
$40 Early Payment

What to Wear: Loose pants and a t-shirt

Note: We will start promptly at 1pm with important information, so please arrive early to make payments and/or change. Early payment can be made out to Matthew Lowes and can be delivered or sent to Best Martial Arts Institute.

Pac MAC preview: I’ll be teaching a short 25 minute segment at the Pacific Martial Arts Conference on Saturday, January 27th at Best Martial Arts Institute. This is one my favorite events of the year, and if you haven’t been, you really need to check it out. All day, an incredible lineup of martial arts instructors from a diverse array of arts will be teaching short 25 minute lessons. It’s a wonderful way to train with new people, explore new training methods, and generally have a lot of fun!


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